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Harve Presnell

Harve Presnell (1933-2009)

Harve Presnell, born on September 14, 1933, in Modesto, California, was an American actor and singer, renowned for his powerful baritone voice and his work on both stage and screen.

Early Life and Musical Career: Presnell’s journey into the arts began with his voice. Trained as a classical singer, he showcased a talent that soon led him to roles in operas and musical theatre. His golden moment came when he played the role of ‘Leadville Johnny Brown’ in the 1960 Broadway musical, “The Unsinkable Molly Brown”. His performance was lauded, and he reprised the role in the 1964 film adaptation alongside Debbie Reynolds.

Transition to Film and Television: While “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” provided him a successful transition to films, Harve’s career spanned a multitude of genres. He took on roles in westerns, dramas, and comedies. One of his most notable roles was in the acclaimed film “Fargo” (1996), where he played Wade Gustafson.

Over the years, Presnell appeared in various television series, showcasing his versatility as an actor. His TV credits include appearances in shows like “The Pretender”, “Andy Barker, P.I.”, and “Dawson’s Creek”.

Later Life and Legacy: In the later years of his career, Presnell continued to act in a mix of film, television, and stage productions. His dedication to the craft was evident, and he continued working until shortly before his death. Harve Presnell passed away on June 30, 2009.

Throughout his life, Presnell left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment. From his resonant singing voice to his commanding screen presence, he remains a figure of admiration and respect in the arts.

That’s a brief overview of Harve Presnell’s life and career. He was a truly multifaceted talent and made significant contributions to both the music and film industries.

Harve Presnell was a talented actor who graced the screens in a range of roles throughout his career. Here’s a list of some of the notable movies in which Harve Presnell appeared:

  1. The Unsinkable Molly Brown (1964): Playing the role of Leadville Johnny Brown, this was perhaps one of his most iconic film roles, co-starring alongside Debbie Reynolds.
  2. Paint Your Wagon (1969): In this musical western, he played the character Rotten Luck Willie alongside big names like Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood.
  3. When the Legends Die (1972): Presnell played Red Dillon in this drama about a Ute Indian boy training to become a rodeo star.
  4. Fargo (1996): One of his more recognized roles in later years, he played the character Wade Gustafson in this Coen Brothers’ dark comedy-thriller.
  5. Saving Private Ryan (1998): He appeared as General George C. Marshall in this critically acclaimed war film directed by Steven Spielberg.
  6. Face/Off (1997): Presnell played Victor Lazarro in this action thriller starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage.
  7. The Whole Wide World (1996): He took on the role of Dr. Howard in this biographical drama.
  8. Larger than Life (1996): Playing the character Big Harv, he was part of this road family comedy starring Bill Murray.
  9. Old Dogs (2009): One of his final film roles, he played the character Barry in this comedy film.
  10. Evan Almighty (2007): He appeared as Congressman Burrows in this comedy sequel to the hit film “Bruce Almighty”.

This list represents a selection of Harve Presnell’s film roles, showcasing his versatility and range as an actor. Throughout his career, he took on various roles, bringing depth and authenticity to each character he portrayed.