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Mimi Rogers Biography

Full Name: Miriam Spickler (professionally known as Mimi Rogers)

Date of Birth: January 27, 1956

Age: 67 years (as of 2023)

Birthplace: Coral Gables, Florida, U.S.

Height: Approximately 5 feet 8.5 inches (174 cm)


  • Parents: Mimi Rogers was born to Philip C. Spickler, a civil engineer, and Kathy Talent, a former drama and dance major.


Mimi Rogers has had several relationships:

  • Jim Rogers (1976-1980): Mimi’s first marriage was to Jim Rogers.
  • Tom Cruise (1987-1990): Perhaps her most high-profile relationship, she was married to actor Tom Cruise. The couple divorced in 1990.
  • Chris Ciaffa (2003-Present): Mimi Rogers married producer Chris Ciaffa in 2003. The couple has two children: a daughter named Lucy and a son named Charlie.

Career Highlights & Movies:

Mimi Rogers is an accomplished actress with a career spanning several decades. Some of her significant works include:

  1. “Someone to Watch Over Me” (1987): Played the character Claire Gregory.
  2. “The Rapture” (1991): A notable role where she portrayed Sharon.
  3. “Lost in Space” (1998): Took on the role of Dr. Maureen Robinson.
  4. “The Door in the Floor” (2004): Played the character Marion Cole.
  5. Television: Rogers has had numerous roles on television, including “The X-Files” where she played Diana Fowley and “Two and a Half Men” where she played Robin Schmidt.


  • Mimi Rogers is a competitive poker player and has taken part in the World Poker Tour.
  • She introduced Tom Cruise to Scientology, but later left the church.


Mimi Rogers, with her captivating performances in both film and television, has made a lasting impact on audiences worldwide. Beyond her acting prowess, her diverse interests, such as her involvement in poker, add another layer of intrigue to her persona. As she continues her journey in the entertainment industry, Mimi Rogers remains a talent to watch and admire.