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Age: Olga Kurylenko was born on November 14, 1979, which makes her 43 years old as of the current date.

Height: Olga Kurylenko’s height is approximately 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm).

Relationships: Olga Kurylenko has been in relationships with various individuals, but she is known for maintaining a private personal life.

Family: Olga Kurylenko was born in Berdyansk, Ukraine, and grew up in a family of modest means. She has a younger sister named Marina.

Biography: Olga Kurylenko is a Ukrainian-French actress and model. She gained international recognition for her roles in films and has worked with renowned directors and co-stars.

Movies: Olga Kurylenko has appeared in a range of films, showcasing her acting talent and versatility. Some of her notable movies include:

  1. Quantum of Solace (2008) – She played the Bond girl Camille Montes opposite Daniel Craig in this James Bond film.
  2. Oblivion (2013) – Kurylenko starred alongside Tom Cruise in this science fiction film.
  3. To the Wonder (2012) – She worked with director Terrence Malick in this romantic drama.
  4. The Water Diviner (2014) – She appeared in this war drama directed by and starring Russell Crowe.
  5. The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (2018) – She had a role in Terry Gilliam’s long-awaited film.
  6. Johnny English Strikes Again (2018) – She appeared in this comedy film starring Rowan Atkinson.

Biography: Olga Kurylenko’s journey from a modest upbringing to becoming a recognized actress and model is a testament to her dedication and talent. She continues to take on diverse roles in the entertainment industry.

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