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Peter Falk

Age: Peter Falk was born on September 16, 1927. He passed away on June 23, 2011, at the age of 83.

Height: Peter Falk’s height was approximately 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm).

Relationship: Peter Falk was married to his wife, Shera Danese, from 1977 until his passing in 2011.

Family: Peter Falk had two daughters from his first marriage to Alyce Mayo.

Biography: Peter Falk was an American actor known for his distinctive appearance and acting style. He gained widespread recognition for his portrayal of the detective character Lt. Columbo in the television series “Columbo.” Falk had a long and successful career in both film and television.

Movies and TV Shows: Some of Peter Falk’s notable works include:

  • “Columbo” (TV series) – He is best known for his role as Lt. Columbo in this iconic detective series. The show ran from 1968 to 2003 and featured Falk as the titular character in numerous TV movies.
  • “The Princess Bride” (1987) – He played the role of the Grandfather / Narrator in this beloved fantasy adventure film.
  • “A Woman Under the Influence” (1974) – He earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor for his role in this John Cassavetes-directed drama.
  • “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” (1963) – He had a supporting role in this madcap comedy film.
  • “Wings of Desire” (1987) – He appeared in a brief but memorable role as himself in this German film directed by Wim Wenders.