Spencer Treat Clark Age, Height, Relationship, Family, Biography & Movies

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Date of Birth: September 24, 1987

Age: As of September 1, 2023, he would be 35 years old.

Height: Approximately 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm), but this might vary slightly depending on the source.

Relationship: As of my last update, Spencer Treat Clark has generally kept details about his personal and romantic relationships private. Thus, information about his current or past relationships isn’t widely publicized.

Family: Not much is widely known about Spencer Treat Clark’s immediate family, as he’s managed to keep this part of his life quite private.

Biography: Born in New York, Spencer Treat Clark embarked on his acting journey at a young age. He became known for his roles in major films early in his career, most notably as Lucius Verus in the blockbuster “Gladiator” and as Joseph Dunn in M. Night Shyamalan’s “Unbreakable.” He would later reprise the latter role in the film “Glass” in 2019.

Throughout his career, Spencer has showcased his versatility by taking on a variety of roles in both movies and television. His roles span from big-budget Hollywood films to independent movies, highlighting his broad range as an actor. Apart from acting, Spencer graduated from Columbia University, further showcasing his commitment to personal and professional development.

Spencer Treat Clark Movies

  1. Unbreakable (2000) – as Joseph Dunn, the son of Bruce Willis’s character.
  2. Gladiator (2000) – as Lucius Verus, the nephew of Joaquin Phoenix’s character Commodus.
  3. The Last House on the Left (2009) – as Justin.
  4. Mystic River (2003) – as Silent Ray Harris.
  5. Arlington Road (1999) – as Grant Faraday.
  6. Double Jeopardy (1999) – as Matty Parsons.
  7. The Glass House (2001) – as Rhett Baker.
  8. Animal Kingdom (2018-2019) – as Adrian Dolan.
  9. Glass (2019) – reprising his role as Joseph Dunn from “Unbreakable.”
  10. Cymbeline (2014) – as Guiderius.
  11. Draco (2013) – as Chris.
  12. Much Ado About Nothing (2012) – as Borachio.
  13. The Last Exorcism Part II (2013) – as Chris.
  14. Deep Dark Canyon (2013) – as Skylar Towne.

Spencer Treat Clark has had a diverse career, starting from a young age and working into his adult years. The above movies showcase his range from mainstream Hollywood films to independent projects.